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Eylül Biçer


Byblos is out!

Eylül Biçer, who contributed to many albums before as a guitarist, composer and producer, released his first album ‘Byblos’ on 27 November, consisting of ten original compositions. 

'Aslankara', first single of the album.


Istanbul based jazz guitarist, composer Eylül Biçer, has been a part of the Turkish music scene for more than a decade. He has been regularly performing in clubs and festivals all around Turkey and Europe both with his own music and with variety of bands. Biçer participated in many albums as a guitarist, producer and an arranger, Jazz and different genres with artists such as Tamer Temel, Jehan Barbur, Ülkü Aybala Sunat, Çağıl Kaya, Volkan Topakoğlu, Selin Sümbültepe. Besides from his career as a performer, he is currently teaching Jazz Guitar at the Istanbul University State Conservatory.